Jenna starts new career thanks to Cidesco Complete Beauty Therapist Diploma

Jenna Fisher, 27, from Market Drayton, wanted a change in career, so after working in retail for five years she decided to take the Cidesco Complete Beauty Therapist Diploma.

She said: “My husband is in the military and he’s currently stationed here in Shropshire, but military families need to be able to move around – so I needed a qualification which would be recognised internationally.”

Cidesco was founded in Switzerland in 1946 and has established recognised levels of excellence throughout the world. It is a complete Diploma course which covers all areas of Beauty Therapy; skin care and eye treatments, make up, waxing, nail treatment and body treatment.

“I started the course in September and completed it the following July, landing a job right away,” said Jenna. “I work at the spa in Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel in Whitchurch, and since the hotel chain has other branches abroad, there is more opportunity for the future.”

Cidesco Complete Beauty Therapist Diploma is ‘top of the pile’

Jenna says the Cidesco course requires commitment and hard work, but people with no academic background should not be put off. She said: “I have a degree in fashion but I wouldn’t consider myself an academic. As long as you have a genuine interest in beauty and you are willing to work hard, you can get a lot from the course.

“There are elements of biology and physiology involved which I found surprising, but it has helped me gain a better understanding of the theory behind beauty techniques, which has put me ahead of the competition. My manager says that my massage technique is of a really high standard and stood out from others who had taken Level 2 qualifications.

“Cidesco sets you up for a strong career in beauty and people always say CVs with Cidesco go to the top of the pile. You can then take further qualifications to specialise in a number of different areas. It’s tough and you have to work at it, but it’s well worth it.”

For more information about taking the Cidesco Complete Beauty Therapist Diploma with the International School of Beauty Therapy, email [email protected].