Beauty therapist starts her own business at 19 thanks to International School of Beauty Therapy

A beauty therapist started her own business when she was just 19 after completing apprenticeships with the International School of Beauty Therapy.

Sam Large, now 20, started her first apprenticeship when she finished school in 2015 and now runs Maison De Clous in Middlewich, Cheshire.

She took apprenticeships in Level 2 Beauty Therapy General, Level 3 Beauty Therapy Massage and a Level 3 in Nail Technology and Nail Services.

Sam said: “I knew I wanted to be working and learning. The level of teaching was outstanding, my tutor, Sam, made my time there enjoyable; she would always be there to help as a tutor and a friend too.

“I wouldn’t be where I was today without doing the courses – all the knowledge I have today is from what I learned with ISOBT.”

Sam has since achieved what many people only dream of – starting her own business and being her own boss.

“Starting my business at 19 was such a proud moment for me; I had always dreamt about it and didn’t think I would be in a position to do that so early on in my life,” she said. “I love having my business, I count my blessings every day and I always feel very humbled and forever thankful to my clients who made it possible for me.

“Of course, you will always worry and be doubtful that it might not work out as you imagine or be successful. I had worked hard to build my clientele and reputation, and just had to overcome that fear and take the plunge – it’s the best thing I ever did.”

Sam travelled to Crewe by bus, as she didn’t drive at the time. Studying fit in well with her lifestyle and she made sure she was organised. She added: “I managed to get most of the work done during the college day. I enjoyed the theory work and the day release to college from work; it broke up the week, and it was a change to do some theory work, I looked forward to it.

She said: “To anyone who’s interested in beauty, I couldn’t advise these courses more. They will always be enjoyable and beneficial if it’s something you are interested in.”

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